Modern Bathroom Design Ideas And Accessories

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas And Accessories

Modern style is very popular at present time due to the successful combination of refined shapes and imaginative decorating ideas. Modern style bathroom will emphasize wealth of its owners and their excellent taste. Modern interiors are light and relaxing.

Each person starts his or her day with water treatments, so the bathroom should be a special refreshing and functional place. Modern style bathroom perfectly fits these criteria. Such bathroom will not only charge you with positive emotions, but also make you happy with its convenience and practicality. So what are the modern bathroom interior design ideas?

Modern style appeared in the early 19th century. Artists and designers began to use new techniques at that time. The basis of this style is beauty, ornamentality, use of smooth, flexible lines instead of angles, and floral patterns in decoration. The main difference of modernism from the other styles lies in uneven, smooth shapes resembling flexible natural structures.

Bathroom In Modern Style

In fact, modern style is a mixture of several styles. It has two main directions: constructive and decorative. Constructive modern direction includes clear and simple forms and minimum of decor. It is very similar to minimalism, but this style is not suitable for standard bathrooms, as it requires space. Nevertheless, there are some small modern bathroom ideas. Decorative modern style includes abundance of patterns and graceful forms, it claims for elegance and luxury. All this can be achieved by numerous modern bathroom accessories. It is similar to the classic style, but it deepens and expands it.

For modern bathroom remodeling you can use natural materials: crystal, wood, plaster, stone and ceramics. Stucco elements and images of leaves, flowers or plants on the ceiling are quite appropriate.

In constructive modern you can use bright and unusual color combinations. For example, modern bathroom decor ideas include using sober blue, juicy red, elegant silver-gray, purple, or white and black combination. Decorative modern style requires unobtrusive colors: beige, cream, sand and all shades of brown. Designers often use pearl-gray and gray-blue tones in modern bathroom designs.

Finishing Materials For Modern Bathroom

Ceiling, floor and walls in modern bathroom design are decorated with contemporary, moisture-proof materials. You will hardly find modern bathroom tiles as ceramic tiles revetment in this case is not suitable. The most affordable option is plastic. If you want to give your bathroom expensive and elegant look, you can choose fiberglass. Stretched ceiling is an aesthetic and logical addition to the walls. It is characterized by practicality and a huge range of decorations, besides it looks elegantly.

No matter which building material is chosen for the walls, it should have a beautiful pattern with bizarre twists and curvilinear geometry. Bathroom floor can be self-leveling or mosaic. The main thing is that it should contain a picture in the form of floral patern or curved lines. You can put some rugs with natural patterns.

Modern Bathroom Fixtures And Furniture

Modern bathroom design ideas suggest using light and convenient acrylic sanitary ware. Asymmetric acrylic bathtub adds a zest and allows to reveal the modern style. Sinks, vanities and other sanitary ware must be elegant, it is better to give preference to suspended models. Of course, such sanitary ware will cost more, but it will allow to hide water supply communications and to give your bathroom special modern style charm.

There should be little furniture, because the whole emphasis in modern bathrooms designs should be done on a large bright window and a stylish sanitary ware. Modern bathroom ideas allow to place a small closet, a vanity and, if necessary, a few shelves. It is best to use suspended furniture; it looks as if it floats in the air. Shower cubicle should be of a middle size.

Lighting In Modern Bathroom

A key element of modern luxury bathrooms is a large bright window. If possible, transform one wall of your bathroom into a large window. If this is not possible, you can install a huge mirror. This is a perfect option for a small modern bathroom. It should be placed in such a way that the light would be reflected to the darkest corners of the room. Mirrors in modern bathrooms should be without sharp or right angles. They should be asymmetric or put in an asymmetrical frame.

It is the best solution to use small light fixtures, embedded in the ceiling or a wall. Soft, relaxing and unobtrusive lighting can be created with the help of several round spotlights. Thus, modern style will be a perfect combination of exquisite taste, functionality and price to remodel your bathroom.

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Top 5 Tips To De-clutter Your House

small living room decor

If your home is a mess, due to limited space, and the clutter you keep around, how do you clear this space up? If you have a smaller home, or simply have too many items in it, clutter is going to make the space look unorganized.

These are the top 5 tips to de-clutter your house, and help create an open, airy feel, in any room of the home.

1. Give it away 
If you have items sitting in the closet you bought six months ago and never put on, it is likely you never will. Or,if you own several office supplies, which are piled up on the desk and never get used, why keep them in the home. Not only do these items add to the clutter and mess of your home, it is also pointless letting items sit in a room or closet collecting dust, while they could be put to good use by others. Donate to a local charity or organization where you know the items are needed and will be put to good use.

2. Grab a trash bag 
Grab a trash bag when de-cluttering and see how quickly you can fill it. Doing this, and timing yourself, will allow you to see which items you truly want, versus those which are just taking up space. Once the bag is full, you will not only see more clear space in the room, but will also realize the items in the bag are items you don’t need, or want. Once filled up, drop those bags off at a Goodwill or charitable organization’s doors.

3. 12-12-12 
This is a challenge where you choose: 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 to be returned to their original home. Make it a competition at home, and see who does the best job. Not only will everyone in the home be cleaning up an area of the home, but it also allows you to truly go through your belongings, assess what you own, what you use, don’t use, and which items you truly want to keep, versus those which are just taking up space and making a mess.

4. Four boxes 
This method forces you to create four boxes which are: keep, throw out, give away, or relocate. Take everything in the room, and go room by room in the home. If items are left out of the keep box, then you either have to throw them out or give them away. Not only will this show you which items you truly want, it also shows you how much you are spending on items you aren’t using or never used. You will think twice before impulse purchases in the future.

5. The Oprah method 
If you have ever watched the Oprah show you are familiar with this. You will hang all your clothing with hangers in the reverse direction, after wearing an item, turn it in the right direction. After a period of 6 months (you can also do it after 3 or 4 months) if the hanger still isn’t flipped over, you probably will never use the item. These are the ones you will give away. You can do this in other rooms of the home as well. With the kids’ toys, supplies, and other items in the home.

Regardless of which rooms in the home are cluttered, these are a few simple techniques to try out, which will help you clear up some space. Plus, you can do something good for those in need, when you give away the items that are just taking up space in the home.
Alternatively, if you simply can’t bring yourself to throw things away, you could consider self storage facilities. There are literally thousands of facilities across the country so you can find some very competitive rates.

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